Frances Duncan

I’ve been involved with the web since my undergraduate days at Sarah Lawrence College, where I studied writing, art, and what was then charmingly called “theory of new media.” After college, I worked for a while in publishing as a web editor, which back then meant a wide and often bewildering set of responsibilities. The old companies I worked for fizzled when the dot-com bubble burst, but it was pretty exciting while it lasted. After a short, titillating spin through an agency, I ended up at Barnes & Noble publishing for a while. Now, I’ve been freelancing for several years — I love the variety and sweet, sweet freedom.

My love for the web is related to my love for photography and fanzines. It’s got a low barrier to entry, it encourages collaboration, late nights; it’s young, it’s art, it’s history. Document the scene, man. Sometimes the web feels like it has limitless possibilities for community. Sometimes it feels almost egalitarian. Sometimes.

Here's a picture of me with some chard at my local CSA, Caretaker Farm. I like vegetables.